Look At the Stars Dress


Clementine stood outside the theatre.  She looked at her phone again, still no call or text, it was 8:40pm.  He had stood her up she knew it.  She had been so excited about her first date with Richard.  She had worn her favourite dress, her sister bought it for her, Sia said the mermaids reminded her of Clementine.  She looked up casually and could see someone running towards her in the distance, it was Richard!  He looked bedraggled, flowers in one hand and he was drenched.  As the cars rushed past, they smiled at each other, Clementine wondered what on Earth had happened, but she was happy he was finally there.


Made from %100 cotton with a fully lined bodice and skirt.  Skirt is full and can be worn with or without a crinoline petticoat for a real 50's look.  Print is of two mermaids playing in the waves in a dark grey night with stars watching a paper boat float by.  Dress is photographed with a petticoat to show fullness.  Zips up the back.  Fabric placement may vary.  Made in Melbourne, Australia.

Please check the below measurements to check sizing:

Size 4 (XXS) = Bust 32"   Waist 24"  Hip 34.5"

Size 6 (XS) = Bust 34"  Waist 26"    Hip 36"

Size 8 (S) = Bust 36"  Waist 28"  Hip 38"

Size 10 (M) =Bust 38"  Waist 30"  Hip 40"

Size 12 (L) = Bust 40"  Waist 32"  Hip 40"

Size 14 (XL) = Bust 42"  Waist 34"  Hip 42"

Size 16 (XL) = Bust 44"  Waist 36" Hip 44"

Size 18 (2XL) = Bust 46"  Waist 38"  Hip 46"

Size 20 (3XL) = Bust 48"  Waist 40"  Hip 48"

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